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June 10th, 2012 kmhort13

I’m done with my first week of interning so I thought I would give an update on how I’ve been doing since I got to Worcester. I am currently living in Carlin (typically a dorm for Juniors during the school year). I was planning on staying here until the 15th which is when the lease for my house for next year begins but so far Carlin has been great. I am living in a 6-man so I am never lonely and I have a single so I also have my privacy. I am also happy because there are more people staying here this summer than I thought. People are here for a bunch of other things, not just for internships. In my suite alone there’s a girl here for research, a girl working for ROTC, etc. They all seem great so who knows, I might not move into my house after all. Another advantage to living on campus is the free wifi and cable…I’m gonna have to weigh my options. But living at college over the summer has its perks. I’m on the field hockey team at school so it is really nice being so close to the turf and track for workouts. I’ll also be playing a lot of pick up field hockey at Harvard. The only thing I’m gonna need to figure out is what I’m going to do about food! I’ve been eating out with people every night which is WAY out of an intern’s budget! I think it might be time to learn to cook (for the people that know me please don’t laugh).

But anyways I am super pumped about my first week at United Way! The first couple days were really just an overview of everything I will be doing this summer. I had to watch a couple training interviews and research what the other interns had done for Day of Caring. This wasn’t too fun but the last few days my job was to start thinking about new ideas for the event. This part was so fun! I had no idea when I applied for this internship that I would practically be the only one involved in organizing this event…I figured I would be part of a committee or something but nope it’s just me and my advisor. It’s kind of nerve racking being in charge of something but it’s also really cool because I’ve never really organized something like this before. It’s also really cool that I’m working alone because that means I get to make a lot of the decisions. I actually already came up with a new idea that I am really excited about. I have a meeting about it on Monday so if I get the “approval” I will tell you guys all about it the next time I blog!

Other than my work I am really happy with the people I am working with. There’s another Holy Cross intern, Alexandra Noonan, who has the same advisor as me but is working on a different project. They gave us our own room and our desks are right next to each other. This and wearing work clothes everyday makes me feel so official haha. I had never met Alex before starting work here (one misconception about Holy Cross is that you know everyone!) but she seems awesome and I think working next to her all summer is going to be really fun.  Besides her, my advisor and everyone else that work at United Way seem like they are really great people so far. Everyone has been exceptionally friendly. The President even bought us all pizza from Corner Grille (yum!) on Friday.

I’m really gonna get a lot out of this internship if I don’t starve to death first!

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