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July 3rd, 2012 kmhort13

So the brochures I talked about last time have been mailed out and so have the brochures I made for volunteers. I am officially a pro at Microsoft publisher…but really. Don’t worry my eco friendly followers I have a PDF version too.

Other than brochures I’ve spent a lot of time working on this side project I want to do for Day of Caring. When I was looking at past Day of Caring information I realized that in the past there were barely any college students or participants under 18 involved. This is was a complete surprise to me. Day of Caring is on a weekday so I figured the main reason younger people can’t participate is because they are in school. Obviously I couldn’t change the date of Day of Caring so I began brainstorming how to get students involved. Here’s what I came up with:

I decided that for this year’s Day of Caring I want to have a competition between all the schools in Central Mass (every school that decides to participate of course). Because Day of Caring is in September, right around when school starts, I thought it would make most sense if the schools competed by collecting school supplies. This way, students can still participate even if they don’t have time to volunteer. The supply-drive will lead up to Day of Caring. On the  actual Day of Caring, each school will way what they collected and whatever school district has the heaviest collection is the winner. BUT that is not all!  I added a rule that for every person that actually goes out and volunteers, one pound can be added to the school’s final weight. I’m calling the contest “United Weigh”…get it? United Way…I’m so punny.

Besides work I’ve continued hanging out with my new friends I made here and am planning some trips for the upcoming weekends! I have to work on Fourth of July so hopefully we do something fun after…

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